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applying for MOD

on Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:48 pm
please read untill the bottom part,

My Hobbies Is Playing Video Game And Working,

Im Interested In MOD Position Because I used to wanna Become A Policeman But.

I Got Rejected Because of the Training And For The First Time I saw Minecraft MOD

I Just wanna Do My Dream Again Like catching hacker.

That Makes Me Qualified For The Position Is Like The Example from The Previous One,

I send Photo.

And Nothing Makes me Diffrent From Other Player Im Only Good At PVP Like For Example

I Got 400 KILLS In Hypixel Skywars

Hey, I'd like to be a mod/admin. I can teach the players how to play as you guys once did for me, to be fair. just don't want to see this server go to shit. I like small servers because I get to know the community,. I have a bit of staff experience, but not on any server as modded as this one, or at least not when it comes to guns. I am quite active during the afternoon hours and play frequently on the weekends., and plan on keeping some reference to that title. I would be honored to be a staff/mod
Approved or rejected?

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Re: applying for MOD

on Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:52 pm

While you have improved your application, we still need you to provide information about what your staff experience was no matter how little, could you further describe your experiences? Furthermore, I'd like your applications to be much more organized (see formatting). Your application is rejected, however, feel free to apply again, and please try to use our formatting thread as your guide to help you improve your application. Re-applying will not decrease your chances. Avoid using swear words in your application as well.

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