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one last try To Become MOD

on Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:36 pm
Sampah Application Mod Form​
Minecraft Username:​
How long have you been playing on the server?:​
Not too long, maybe 1-2 weeks.​
What is your best memory playing the server?:​
A memory that everyone should have; feeling loved and accepted when you sign on for the first time. Among my other favorite memories are staying up past sunrise working on huge projects, and leading my wonderful faction.​
List everything you've ever done to contribute to the server, outside of the game:​
i only voted everyday
Any past moderating experiences? If so, please describe:​
None,But ill try my best if i got accepted
Describe yourself:​
Okay, here we go. I'm 16, and mature for my age. I know everyone tends to say that, but I nearly never get angry with anyone, and instead deal with it how it should be dealt with. I tend to have a very playful and memorable attitude and, in my experience, that attitude creates an environment in which people are more willing to cooperate and strive to enjoy themselves. I tend to come across as extremely motherly and caring, and that's because I honestly do wish the best for everyone and hope to aid them in all areas. I'm quick to warn and correct, but always retain a polite attitude, even when the situation remains unchanged after a warning. The only thing that may hinder me from being a good mod is that I can't stand discussion about politics or religion, and may jump at that. Otherwise, I'm very creative and organized and love to spend extra time keeping everything neat and manageable. I'm a very active player and have been on over 12 hours a day since I joined, disregarding the two days that I had no access to a computer.​
As a potential Moderator, describe how you would make a difference in the server:​
I would focus on maintaining the peace, assisting players in making their ideas reality, and keeping everyone active and entertained. I hate seeing people complain about being bored, and that's easily fixable by conversing with them or suggesting a new idea. I would keep the peace by reminding people of the rules before any situation became too big of a deal, and caring for everyone involved, newbie or veteran. ​
Have you read the Moderator Guidelines?:​
Yes, and I took notes on the more complicated commands because I tend to mix those up.​
Do you know all of the server rules?:​
I've read the book soo i maybe know much
IND-5, and I tend to play overnight.​
Additional comments:​
I know I'm somewhat new here, and that I still have some learning to do. I don't expect to be accepted, and instead am just hoping to get the experience of filling out the form properly. Thank you for reading!​

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Re: one last try To Become MOD

on Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:46 pm

I'm sorry, but your application is rejected. Upon further investigation, you have plagiarized your application. Please make your own application and do not copy from another person's application.
You can try again, however, please avoid plagiarizing other people's applications! This is not morally correct.

Thanks for applying!
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