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Staff Application Wolfshaven

on Fri Oct 13, 2017 11:05 pm
Hello my name is Wolfshaven and im here to apply to your minecraft server Very Happy
A little about yourself: My IGN is Wolfshaven im 13 years old Im living in the Netherlandsand i love to play minecraft. I love minecraft because you can join Minecraft servers, Its even better if they have nice staff and community! Thats why Warlands Network a awesome server is! That what i love personal! By the way I can speak English Dutch Little bit German (but ill learn more because im still learning German on highschool). But enough about myself lets get to the point of this Topic My staff application
Your contact info (email, discord, skype) I badly wont use my Skype in this Great server but what i can use it my discord without Mic i will tell my discord name if i maybe got accepted also my Email
Why are you interested in this position? Why im interested in the Moderator rank? Because what i said i love minecraft if they have Awesome Multiplayer server with a great community! I think alot of players agree with me, because of that i want to be a part of a great community that is named Warlands Network Prison! And i love to Help people if they need help and im always kind to everyone on the server!
What makes you qualified for this position? (Please put your past experiences, photos, videos, any sort of evidence; if no evidence, then please explain in detail on why you are qualified for such as position) Im qualified for this postition because i have been Helper and Moderator on many many servers! I badly dont have evidence of this but i hope you will trust me on my word what makes me more qualified is im a good helper and i can handle every situation any player has.
What makes you different from other players? What makes me different of other players is that im always kind, i dont think everyone is kind in hard situations but anyways im helpfull too ill answer every question from any player so this community can grow grow and will explode in a AWESOME community! Very Happy

Maybe i dont seem to my seriously but i will follow the server rules anytime.

This was my application i hope you enjoyed it!

Greetings from the Netherlands......Wolfshaven
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Re: Staff Application Wolfshaven

on Sat Oct 14, 2017 9:22 pm

I'd like to say that your application is great and that you are pre-approved for the moderator rank.
Please standby and you will PMed soon.

Thank you for applying
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