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The Halloween Event Tutorial

on Sun Oct 15, 2017 12:53 pm

This thread will contain the necessary information on how to play the Halloween Event. This thread will update as more content is released.


To earn the Halloween Mastery Armor, you first need to explore around the area and find the shops located on the map. There are a total of five shops.
The Gate Tree Shop is located at the bottom of huge tree while the other four shops are hidden shops. You'll need to find them!
You can earn crystals from the Gate Tree Shop by trading pumpkins

Tiers of Armor and Tools

Currently, there are three tiers of halloween armor/tools which with varying amounts of protection, strength etc.

To get Tier 1 armor, you need to trade 64 pumpkins for each armor piece and 64 pumpkins for each tool piece.
To get Tier 2 armor, you need to trade 20+ crystals for each armor piece and tool piece. (To find crystals, trade at the Gate Tree Shop)
To get Tier 3 armor, you need to open a halloween crate (Bought from secret shop for shards. Shards can be earned when traded from crystals)

And there is one mastery armor available in this event.
In order to get it, you need to get a Mastery Token.
Mastery Tokens can be traded for Dracula's Heart and Devil's Melon. Both of these items can be obtained from the Halloween Collection Crates. You can trade 64 Halloween Shards for 1 Halloween Collection Key.
The Halloween Collection Crate does not guarantee a collection item. You've been warned.

Raid Boss
The Raid Boss in this event is a Halloween Giant. It does not fight back however, it continually summons skeleton minions to its aid.
Boss Stats:
HP: 10,000
ATK: 10
Drops: 200+ Pumpkins (50% chance)

Currently, there are two quests in this event
Daily Crystals - Mine 1000 pumpkins - Reward: 5 Halloween Crystals
Daily Shards - Kill 1000 skeletons - Reward: 1 Halloween Shard

Pumpkin Patch
The Pumpkin Patch is an exclusive mine available to the event only. It contains only pumpkins which can be used to trade for items

There are two crates available in this event
Halloween Crate - Contains Tier Three Halloween items.
Halloween Collection Crate - Contains pumpkins, Dracula's Heart, and Devil's Melon

This is a small pvp arena that gives the option for players to fight

The Skeleton King is a miniboss that drops 64 pumpkins when killed. It respawns every 5 minutes.

Thank you so much for playing on the server!
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