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Server Applications for Ranks (Formatting)

on Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:54 pm
Hello Warmongers!

The Warlands Prison server is hiring players for voluntary positions (Moderator)

This position will need to fulfill certain duties such as watching over players and monitoring the chat. This is so that our server will remain safe for everyone. This position also requires server knowledge and trustworthiness from the community. We also would like the player to be active as much as he/she can.

Once you think you are capable of such a position, you may make your staff application however you like. However, it must be filled with the following information:

A little about yourself
Your contact info (email, discord, skype)
Why are you interested in this position?
What makes you qualified for this position? (Please put your past experiences, photos, videos, any sort of evidence; if no evidence, then please explain in detail on why you are qualified for such as position)
What makes you different from other players?
These are just the raw minimum requirements for an application. Feel free to add more in your application; it will definitely help you out. As for where to post your application, you can post it under this forum (applications)

To make it easier for me to find, put [Staff-Application] as your prefix in the title.

Thank you!

~kazdj21 (Server Owner)
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