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Pynite's Staff Application

on Sun Oct 08, 2017 1:00 pm
What position of Leader are you going for (Head Of Staff or Development Manager)?: Head Of Staff
Why did you apply for this position?: I have owned many servers, and I have moderated/ administrated alot of servers in my 7 years of playing Minecraft, I believe that with my experience I would make a good Head Of Staff, and make it where people will want to play on this server and to keep coming back for more.
What can you contribute to the server?: I can attribute all of my time, and focus.
Why is it important to be active and professional?: You don't want a little kid as your staff because they are unprofessional and do not know how to manage time accordingly. You need to be professional, because if something comes your way and you do not like it, You will need to suck it up and handle it. You do not want to show someone where or what is affecting you/ or show someone your weakness so they can attack you.
How would you appropriately deal with someone in dark thoughts?: I would address the person who is causing the problem accordingly. I would ask them if they were aware of what they where doing and punish them accordingly.
Is there anything else you would like to add?: No, that is al.
If the position is Development Manager, please answer these questions.

Why is important to have quality features and games?
Why is this position so important that its a Leadership rank?
Define Quality in your own words.

If the position is Head Of Staff, please answer these questions.

Why is it important to maintain the professional aspect of our staff team? You need to show that you are professional to players that join the server so that players who log on to the server see that you are not in "High Maintenance", and that you show them that everything is under control so the players have nothing to worry about and so they can enjoy their stay.
How would you be a good role model to the new staff members? I have lots of experience of being a staff member, head admin, staff manager, co owner, owner and more. I understand how to handle most of the problems that comes my way. No matter what happens I manage to stay calm and professional, because I want to ensure the players that everything is alright, and they have nothing to worry about.
Why Head Of Staff, what is important about this position? The Head Of Staff position Is a very high and respected position on a server. By being the Head Of Staff you manage over all of the staff members and monitor what they do. If you get reports on one of your staff (multiple reports on the same person) you can address them on the problem and you can demote them, or deal with them necessarily.
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Re: Pynite's Staff Application

on Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:32 pm

I'd like to say that your application is great and that you are pre-approved for the moderator rank.
Please standby and you will PMed soon.

Thank you for applying
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