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KareMan1's [Staff-Application]

on Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:19 am
A little about yourself The way I see myself is a kind helping person I can sometimes become frustrated but I know how to control myself in situations. I see everyone as equal no matter who they are or where they came from. I am an introvert I would much rather stay inside and play games more than anything else. I am better with talking online rather in real life so that is a plus.

Why are you interested in this position? Right now the server is not the biggest so staff are not needed that much but I love helping out and I am online a lot.

What makes you qualified for this position? As far as experience goes I don't have much knowledge on being a staff member, but I have been admin on friends servers for fun. I have made a few servers myself mostly using serverpro a free service but like I said before it was mostly just for fun.

What makes you different from other players? I find myself different from other players in multiple ways, I am open to many things and as I said multiply times now I'm friendly when I'm in a good mood  Laughing. I have no life at all so I can spend a lot of my free time playing games, right now I'm play stuff like The sims, Mass effect, Slime Rancher, and some horror games Laughing

For the rest of the questions I'm just gonna add random stuff.

How many hours would you able to contribute to the position per day? For week days Mondays through Fridays I will be able to be online all day but I have school work I have to do first so I will be afk for somewhat of the day. For weekends Saturday and Sundays I can be online from 10am - 8p,m 10pm - 5am or 6am.

What are some of your favorite memories on the server? I have not played on the server for that long but some memories I like are the Theal boss battles.

What's your Maturity Level For Maturity I love making jokes but when needed I am serious.

How long have you been playing Minecraft I have been playing for at least 2-3 years.

Thanks for reading through my application I probably was to repetitive  Surprised  

For contact info I have multiple different things I use.
Email: kareman1324(at) gmail (dot) com or my private account jeffyishere1(at) gmail (dot) com
Discord: #2087
Skype: To be able to find my skype you will have to search my old email tomriddle418 (at) gmail (dot) com and my username is FaceInYours
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Re: KareMan1's [Staff-Application]

on Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:33 pm

I'd like to say that your application is great and that you are pre-approved for the moderator rank.
Please standby and you will PMed soon.

Thank you for applying
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