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002 - Balancing Update (Drugs and Crate Armor)

on Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:43 pm

As of 10/10/2017, changes were made to the server!

1.) Drugs can now be found in FREE Crates!
2.) Prices of drugs changed! (Refer to your starter guide)
3.) Starter guide revised and simplified
4.) Added potion buffs to Ultimate and God Items
5.) Tier 4 pickaxes and up have haste boosts
6.) NEW! /autoblocks command to automatically change ingots to blocks! (turned on by default)
7.) NEW! /autosmelt command (turned on by default) smelts iron and gold ingots automatically
8.) NEW! Dropped Items go to inventory!
9.) Server Optimization (Disabled weather in plots and prison map)
10.) God and Ultimate Armor now have potion effects!

For players with Ultimate and/or God Armor:

There are four villagers in which you can convert your old items to your new items. Simply put the old armor into the left slot and get your new set of armor. Please make sure your armor is repaired before trading

Compensation is rewarded due to maintenance! (Command: /kit and look for "Maintenance" kit which contains: 3 emerald keys)

Thank you for playing on the server!
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